To analyse means to watch again. To turn a largely «unconscious» process into a «conscious» one. To recognise, comprehend, describe and interpret
Seeing film as an art form requires that we become aware why a movie is the way it is, and not another. At the core of the matter is choice.
Released 30 years ago, Gere, Basinger and Thurman could've made the perfect casting couch, but we were not ready for that conversation
Michael Fassbender big-screen debut! Doesn't that count for something? Ahu! Ahu! Ahu! (See? I brought better sub-headlines than you)
These kids are in big trouble. No sequel looms over the horizon with such an anemic performance and reception in its first-run
Or how Netflix inflates viewership data to fool you
Laughing all over its way to the bank and at its detractors, its massive commercial success "proved" one thing: No incel revolution happened
Like a mild Greek tragedy, writers can sometimes be cruel like the gods, even in a movie that it's supposed to feel good
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